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Environmental friendly & affordable & impressive quality ! 

Our factory specializes in A/C compressor manufacturing for more than 30 years in Taiwan ,with our well experience, strong technical skills, well-management, andstrictly QC ,we are confident that the quality, durability and reliability of all our A/Ccompressors meet with OE fit, form ,function , and specification standard ,adhering to Japanese know-how, we supply A/C air compressors as good as new with more competitive prices.

YE FENG take pride in acting responsibly when it comes to keeping the earth healthy and green!

Why choosing our remanufactured A/C compressors

-Most of our recycling A/C compressors come from our local market and imported from Japan ,these compressors generally have a number of undamaged parts that can be re-used
-Remanufactured parts consist of OE parts, and new replacements are the exact models that originally came in the vehicles ,we restores the whole unit to like-new condition .
-Using recycled parts reduces the need for manufacturers to produce new parts and reduces the use of new resources
-We can help you to find obsolete A/C compressors and parts by remanufacturing discontinued, used and out of date parts for the vehicles that may need them
-The most significant benefits of remanufactured parts are the cost saving ,it can save you up to 80% of brand new ones.
-we can effectively offer customer-satisfying products and services .
We can manufacture most A/C compressors on the road today ,please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in having us custom remanufacture your original OEM A/C compressor .

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